Miracle Records

New music is added to the label’s catalog throughout the calendar year and along with our prior releases can be accessed for review and purchase as an MP3 file (or CD by special request) via the “Full Song List” section of the home page of this web site. In addition, all of the Miracle Records singing call and/or patter releases can also be purchased through our associates at dosado.com in Houston, Texas.

A complete listing of all of the releases on the Miracle Records label is provided on the following several pages. For each release we have provided the song title, sequential label number and those responsible for the music’s preparation and/or performance in the case of singing calls. Feel free to listen to a sample of any of our square dance music (before purchasing) by simply clicking on the "Read More" button and then selecting the circular "Play" button symbol to the right of either the "Instrumental" or "Vocal" track for the song of interest.

If you would like to purchase one or more of the releases at the current price of $7.00 per release, just click on either of the two "Buy Track" buttons. For singing calls, a downloadable link will be forwarded directly to your e-mail address (after your payment is confirmed by PayPal) which includes: the instrumental track; the reference vocal track and a cue sheet. If your choice centers on one of our patter releases, the downloadable link for the instrumental track only will be quickly forwarded to your e-mail address.

  1. Time After Time

    Release date: 03-Nov-2017

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  2. Stars on 45

    Release date: 27-Oct-2017

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  3. Only Sixteen

    Release date: 20-Oct-2017

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  4. Christmas Medley

    Release date: 13-Oct-2017

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  5. Don’t Leave Me

    Release date: 06-Oct-2017

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  6. Your Kiss

    Release date: 29-Sep-2017

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  7. I Only Want to Be With You

    Release date: 22-Sep-2017

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  8. Dancing in the Moonlight

    Release date: 15-Sep-2017

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  9. Ring My Bell

    Release date: 08-Sep-2017

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  10. You Should Be Dancing

    Release date: 01-Sep-2017

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  11. In the Shadows

    Release date: 28-Jul-2017

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  12. Almost Jamaica

    Release date: 21-Jul-2017

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