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Original Artist: The Shadows

Upon receipt of your payment, I will quickly send you either the CD or the MP3 file complete with a cue sheet containing the lyrics and figures used by our staff.

If you have questions, please contact Fred Walker at thewalkergp@yahoo.com or contact me at (618) 548-0125.

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  1. Well written blog and post.Thanks for sharing.


    • Saake:

      Miracle Records release of MIR 119 – “Apache” in December of 2013 marked our label’s first ever patter release. The original music was produced by the British group “The Shadows” in 1960 and later covered by Danish jazz guitarist, Jorgen Ingmann in 1961. This latter twangy, multi-track cover of the music went to #1 in the UK and #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Our version was played and produced by our sound engineer and the owner of EDCO studios (Ed Cooper) here in rural Southern Illinois. I first heard Ed’s work on a 10-song CD he sold at his performances and asked him if he would like to have people square dance to his efforts. He said that he would and agreed to lengthen the original music for patter. Of the 40 or more releases to date, Apache continues to be our best selling patter release.

      Fred Walker
      Miracle Records

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