Song List 2

Miracle Records

Song List 2

Miracle Records was established to provide high quality, full-sound music for use by square dance callers, including several releases with background vocals, etc. To date, more than 140 different label recordings have been made available.  New square dance music is added to the label’s catalog throughout the calendar year.

A current listing of all releases on the Miracle Records label is provided below and elsewhere on this web site. Feel free to listen to a sample of any of our square dance releases by simply clicking on the buttons provided adjacent to each song. Should you decide to purchase one or more of the releases at the current going price of $7.00 per song, simply “click” on the “Buy Now” button or physically mail your payment to:

Fred WalkerMiracleWhite
Miracle Records
3620 Robin Road
Salem, Illinois 62881-4107

Upon receipt of your payment, I will quickly issue authorization for the downloading of MP3 music file(s) complete with a cue sheet for singing calls containing the lyrics and figures used by our staff and guest artists. By special request, we can also provide our music on a CD for your personal use. However, the provision of our music on a CD also requires the payment of a $5.00 minimal shipping and handling fee (potentially more for overseas mailings).

If you have questions, please contact Fred Walker at or contact me by telephone at (618) 548-0125. In addition, all of the Miracle Record singing call and/or patter releases can also be purchased through our associates at

Here’s what’s currently available for your consideration …

Page One (MIR 101-200)


  1. chris wildhagen - February 24, 2019 9:59 pm

    would be nice to have lyrics in html along with doc.

    • Fred Walker - March 5, 2019 3:22 am

      Hi Chris, if you need a copy of any of our cue sheets in HTML just let me know and I can send you an HTML version as well. The .doc format is just what we have always used but it’s no trouble at all to send you an HTML one if you need one.


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