The Future of Miracle Records

Miracle Records

The Future of Miracle Records

After nearly 30 years of performing as a traveling caller, Fred and Nancy Walker have decided to cease their calling endeavors as of the end of 2016. During our travels to numerous square dance clubs, weekends, caller seminars and state and national conventions, etc. we have literally made hundreds of new friends. For this we will be eternally grateful for the kindness shown to us by local dancers, fellow callers and event sponsors, etc.

Although Fred and Nancy will no longer be travelling to call club dances, special dances, caller seminars and one-nighters, etc. tentative plans are to continue to produce high-quality square dance music via the Miracle Records label. Beginning in early 2017, Miracle Records will exclusively feature guest artists to perform singing calls. Through such efforts, the label hopes in some small way to continue to promote the square dance activity that we cherish.

If you are interested in recording as a guest artist on Miracle Records, please contact Fred Walker by telephone to formally discuss such arrangements by calling:

Home:   (618) 548-0125      Cell: (618) 322-0125

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